Always Look on the Bright Side…

So, this evening, I locked my keys in my car. Now, I have class this evening, so you would think this not a big deal. However, I locked them in the car right after I returned to work with two large containers of coffee for 100 classical musicians. All of the coffee–locked in my car–with the spare set of keys 35 minutes away in Prairie Home. 😦

However, I have the best husband on the whole planet and when I called him and said I need you to drive to Columbia NOW, please–he came to my rescue. Also, I have to look on the bright side and realize that it’s a 35 minute drive from Prairie Home to Columbia (without traffic) and I was actually running about 35 minutes early for the set-up time. So, all in all, not a disaster…but my afternoon could have been better.

One final shout out to my hubby–YOU’RE THE BEST EVER! LOVE YOU! ❤

Well, now I’m off to work a bit more and then go to class…and then work a bit more. Oh Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra…why must you require so much coffee??


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