Aaaand we’re back :)

Wow.  It’s been almost 4 months since our last post.  Things have definitely been pretty crazy since then.  Jess and I finished what was a really hectic school year for both of us, and then immediately jetted off to England.  I’ll try to get the travel journals posted up here sometime in the future, but no promises 🙂  After we got back, Jess went back to working frantically at two jobs, while I focused on settling down and starting Comps readings and getting a ton of much-needed stuff done around the house.  The kittens are great, life’s pretty good, and we encountered an absolute GODSEND in getting to work 2 nights (something like 7 hours a night) at a local ragtime and early jazz festival, making a very decent chunk of change from it.  Summer (and especially early autumn, until I have a paycheck again) will still be pretty tight, but it was definitely a huge blessing to get the opportunity.  Well, Jessi’s got a really popular book blog, I’m working on what’s still a very rudimentary beer blog, as well as a food blog, and hopefully we’re going to get this one up and going as well, so hopefully there’ll be lots from us soon!


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