About Us


We got married in 2009 and since then we’ve acquired a mortgage house that we adore in the little town of Prairie Home, MO along with two adorable kittens, whom are sure to make an appearance here and there. The only real purpose to this blog: keep our families up to date on what we’re up to. I (ReadingFanatic09) have a full-time job in academic library administration (official title: Fiscal Assistant), a part time public library job (in public services…you know, helping people!), and I’m a part-time graduate student in library science (surprise, right?). I started a separate blog where I review some of the books I read for fun; you can fine it here!  The hubby (AleBrewer33) is a full-time graduate student in medieval history and an aspiring brewer! If you want to know more about him and his beer/brewing “stuff,” check out his beer blog! In all that spare time we have, we like to cook, clean, play with our kittens, and simply enjoy life.


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